College Continuing Ed

Our next semester starts on Tuesday, September 3rd.
Springs College Continuing Education is comprised of two areas of study: Leadership Development and Biblical Studies.

Education does not end at a certain age or a certain time in your life. We have been created to continually learn and grow from childhood to old age. Our desire is to develop spirit contemporary leaders within the church and equip YOU to excel in family and career. To facilitate this continual learning, we offer courses on a part time basis with evening classes.  We believe true Christianity includes the ability to thrive in the real world. Our Continuing Education programs focus on equipping students with the skills needed to be positive influences in their career, community and home in a spirit contemporary manner. These programs provide the building blocks for a strong foundation in knowledge & leadership skills that you can apply in your local church and the marketplace.

Courses & Descriptions
Leadership Level 1 and Level 2
Leadership is influence and the purpose of the local church is to equip ordinary people for the work of the ministry (Eph 4:12). The word ‘equip’ literally means skill development. We have structured our Leadership Development program to make it easy for anyone to attend, as classes are typically one evening a week. Both Level 1 & Level 2 consist of specially selected courses from a wide variety of world class experts that will build your knowledge in leadership, finance, management, relationships and biblical principles.

Download Level 1 course descriptions.
Download Level 2 course descriptions.

Biblical Studies

Our Biblical Studies program is designed for those who desire to increase in Bible knowledge to be better equipped for a life of success. Through Spirit Contemporary teaching, we offer an array of courses from September through June which includes Bible Foundations, Grace, Prayer, Holy Spirit, and much more. Taught through both live teachers and video sessions, these courses will enable you to delve deeper into biblical truths and lead you on a journey of increased knowledge and understanding taking your relationship with God to much higher levels.

Download the Biblical Studies course descriptions.

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Leadership Level 1 or Leadership Level 2: Individual $600 per year  / Married Couple $750* per year
*Only one set of resources per couple

Biblical Studies: Individual $300 per year / 
Married Couple $450 per year 

For your convenience, monthly payment plans are available.

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For more information about Continuing Education or how to apply, please call our office at (204) 233-7003 or email